【Official】Onogawaonsen Meitou no yado AZUMASOU

Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, Onokawa Onsen, Famous Hot Springs Inn, Azumasou

Concept "Good bath, Comfortable relaxation "

Onokawa Onsen, which springs out from 1000 years ago and that Ono Komachi has discovered.
It is a well-known fountain that warms well with sour cloak and drains fatigue.

The hotel is a hot spring inn, which has been loved by the community as a hot spring resort from the first year of Kanazawa (1789).

Aiming for an inn as a relaxing hot spring, a melting Yonezawa Beef and home-cooked regional cuisine, Yonezawa hospitality, I'm relieved to return to the countryside.

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    Familiar springs like tired get out

    Moist skin moist
    Body is also warm

    "Good hot water", A word of

     Hot water for
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    Local cuisine and Yonezawa Beef

    Enjoy relaxing meals in your room.
    "Relaxation" from meals
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    Built on the hill of Onokawa Onsen

     Guest room with view

    In nature, "Sato"

     Please enjoy the space you deserve.

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    【Notifications】All rooms on the third floor of the main building will be non-smoking from September 1st.
    【Notifications】We will prepare your dining hall from July 1st.
    【April 27】Annex Azumaen maintained the Wi-fi environment for all rooms in the Annex Azumaen!
    【June 4】Schedule of cherry hunting discount was decided!

Hot spring sanatorium, Onokawa Recreation Center

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