【Official】Onogawaonsen Meitou no yado AZUMASOU

Famous Hot Springs Inn Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture Onokawa Onsen Famous Hot Springs Inn Azumasou

Concept "Good bath, Comfortable relaxation "

Onokawa Onsen, which springs out from 1000 years ago and that Ono Komachi has discovered.
It is a well-known fountain that warms well with sour cloak and drains fatigue.

This facility is a hot spring hotel which has been loved by the area as a hot spring treatment school since the Kansei year of Kansei (1789).

Aiming for an inn as a relaxing hot spring, a melting Yonezawa Beef and home-cooked regional cuisine, Yonezawa hospitality, I'm relieved to return to the countryside.

To prevent new coronavirus infection

  • The following measures are taken at this facility

    1. Alcohol disinfection liquid is installed in various places
    2, staff health management, wearing masks, hand-washing gargling, thorough hand disinfection
    3. Disinfection of dining hall, guest room, bathroom, handrail, door knob, etc.
    Four,Ventilation in the facility
    5, call for customers to prevent infection
    6,Confirmation of identity at the time of visit
    7. Request for temperature measurement at check-in and filling out the physical condition check sheet
    8,Refusal of one-day hot spring at the time of congestion
    9,Installation of disposable slippers
    For details, please see the infection prevention measures page.

    ※The one-day hot spring will be from 14:30 to 18:00 as usual
    ※When taking a bath, we ask that you take a temperature measurement and fill in your accommodation card, and we may refuse when it is crowded.

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    Familiar springs like tired get out

    Moist skin moist
    Body is also warm

    "Good hot water", A word of

     Hot water for
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    Local cuisine and Yonezawa Beef

    Enjoy relaxing meals in your room.
    "Relaxation" from meals
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    Built on the hill of Onokawa Onsen

     Guest room with view

    In nature, "Sato"

     Please enjoy the space you deserve.

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  • Latest information

    【December 8】Kotatsu has been added this year too!
    【January 30】We have installed a coffee machine!
    【April 9】The hotel was introduced at Egashira and a special plan was released to commemorate it!

Hot spring sanatorium, Onogawa Recreation Center

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