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  2. Infectious disease measures

Infectious disease measures

  • We will be closed until May 15th to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
    Business will resume from May 16th.

    Therefore, in order to prevent infection, we will thoroughly implement the following measures at this facility, and ask our customers and staff to take thorough preventive measures.

    ※The one-day hot spring will be from 14:30 to 18:00 as usual
    ※When taking a bath, we ask that you take a temperature measurement and fill in your accommodation card, and we may refuse when it is crowded.
  • About new coronavirus measures at this facility

    1. Alcohol disinfection liquid is installed in various places
    2, staff health management, wearing masks, hand-washing gargling, thorough hand disinfection
    3. Disinfection of dining hall, guest room, bathroom, handrail, door knob, etc.
    Four,Ventilation in the facility
    5, call for customers to prevent infection
    6,Confirmation of identity at the time of visit
    7. Request for temperature measurement at check-in and filling out the physical condition check sheet
    8,Refusal of one-day hot spring at the time of congestion
    9,Installation of disposable slippers
  • ◇Request to customers◇

    1. If you are sick, have anxiety about your health, have an infected person nearby, or have a history of going abroad, please avoid visiting the museum.
    2. Please thoroughly wash your hands, gargle and disinfect your hands.
    3. Please keep the distance between people 2m.
    4. Please wear a mask inside the facility.
    5. Please avoid crowded time when bathing.
    6. In order to reduce the number of people in the room, we will leave the futon on.
    7. Please understand and cooperate with the infection prevention measures such as staff wearing masks, ventilation in the dining hall, and health check for customers.
  • ◇Thorough staff◇

    1. Stop working if you feel a little unwell or if there are infected people around you
    2,Temperature measurement before going to work
    3,Wearing a mask
    4, thoroughly wash hands, gargling and disinfecting fingers
    5, disinfection where people touch
    6. Ventilation inside the facility such as guest rooms, dining halls, and bathrooms
  • 【Request for support】
    Even at this facility, the severe situation continues.
    If you are not able to stay overnight and would like to provide support, please purchase a pre-sale ticket valid for 3 years.
    For details, please refer to the "Request page for support".