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Facility information

Along with pets, Annex, Azumaen

About 20 meters across the road from the main building

Detailed information

Please read the following carefully and make a reservation
  • About Azuma-en Garden

    ■Wooden 2 stories(All 5 rooms)

    ■Those who have animal allergy etc. should withhold their stay

    ■At check-in, please call the front desk at the main building once

    Since October Heisei (time period) 30, Annex Azumaen the Annex Azumaen building has become a pet-friendly building in all rooms.
  • All rooms hot spring, With an inside bath

    ※No showers
    If you use a shower, please go out and walk to the main public bath of the Main Building Azumasou Azumaso.

    It is a hot spring of sourced with source, always having fresh hot water.
  • About accommodation with pets

    ■Pets you can accommodate, small dogs, medium size dogs, large dogs, other cats, etc.

    ■Charge, Free

    ■Location, Room accommodation

    ■Equipment for pets, No

    ■Accommodation conditions, discipline, vaccination, no barking, not possible during estrus

    ■Things to bring, gauge (lead), food, dishes, toilet sheet mat / blanket

    ■Notes, when a pet breaks down or becomes dirty it may charge a separate charge


Often, employees are chewed by pets, barked, jumped, tatami mats and carpets, coarse futons, barking noisy complaints, and so on.We would like to ask for your continued cooperation in order to continue as a petable accommodation as it is.